Karaoke Tracks

Karaoke Tracks

You can purchase karaoke tracks to use at competitions, and/or for general practice.

Price: $10.00 per track

Instructions to request these tracks:

It is a two-step process.

Step 1 – As first step fill out the form below, giving your name, email, phone, requested tracks and click the Submit button. We will get the tracks ready to be sent to you by email once you complete the step 2.

Step 2 – Proceed to pay for the number of tracks ($10 per track you have requested) using the “Pay now with PayPal” link on the bottom of the page.

Only after step 2 is complete we will send you an email with the attached karaoke tracks.

    Pi Bina Soona Ri (Scale: A#, Film: Humdard)
    Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya (Scale: A#, Film: Suwarna Sundari)
    Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (Scale: A#, Film: Dil Hi To Hai)
    Preetam Daras Dikhao (Scale: A#, Film: Chacha Zindabad)
    Ja Tose Nahi Bolu (Scale: A#, Film: Parivar)
    Bedardi Dagabaaz Jaa (Scale: C#, Film: Bluff Master)
    Saavare Saavare (Scale: A#, Film: Anuradha)
    Ja Main Tose Nahi Boloo
    Baaje Muraliya Baaje
    Dil Ki Tapish (Film: Katyaar)
    Mana Mandira Tejaane (Film: Katyaar)
    Radha Na Bole
    Man Mohana Bade Jhoothe (Scale: A#, Film: Seema)
    Paayal Wali Dekhna (Scale: C#, Film: Ek Raaz - 1963)
    Paayaliya Baawari Baaje (Scale: C#, Film: Saaz Aur Awaaz - 1966)
    Bhor Aayi Gaya Andhiyaara (Scale: A#, Film: Baawarchi - 1972)
    Salona Saa Sajan (Scale: D#, Ghazal)
    Jao Jao Nand ke laal (Scale: A#, Film: Rungoli - 1962)
    More Naina Bahaye Neer (Scale: D#, Film: Baawarchi - 1972)
    Saiyaan Jao Jao (Scale: A#), Film: Janak Janak Paayal Baaje
    Meri Neendom Mein Tum (Scale: C#), Film: Nayaa Andaaz
    Saavare Salone Aaye (Scale: C#), Film: Ek Hi Raasta - (1956)
    Dekho Mausam (Scale: A#)
    Mann Ki Been (Scale: A#)
    Jiwalaga Kadhire Yeshil Tu (Scale: C#)
    Barase Boondiya Sawan Ki (Scale: C# - Kaali 1)
    Dil Mein Sama Gaye Sajan - Film: Sangdil (Scale: C# - Kali 1)
    Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke - Film: Nau Do Gyarah (Scale: D# - Kali 2)
    Is Mod Se Jaate Hain - Film: Aandhi (Scale: C# - Kali 1)
    Jhoote Naina Bole - Film: Lekin (Scale: A# - Kali 5)
    Kauno Thagava - Film: Ankahee (Scale: C# - Kali 1)
    Phaili Hui Hain - Film: House No.44 (Scale: D# - Kali 2)
    Raina Beeti Jaaye - Film: Amar Prem (Scale: D# - Kali 2)
    Roz Roz Dali Dali - Film: Gulzar (Scale: C# - Kali 1)
    Seeta Ke Shree Ram - (Scale: C# - Kali 1)