Online Hindustani Classical/Semi-classical Music competition

Svara Yogita is an online Hindustani Classical / Semi-classical music competition organized by Svara Sangam. The competition is only open for participation by residents of North America and Canada interested in Hindustani Classical music – Vocal and Instrumental.

Details:  This competition will have two rounds : 

  • The qualifying round and the final round. 


Qualifying Round Registration deadline: 31st October 2021

 Categories for participation: 

  1. Hindustani classical vocal 
  2. Instrumental (Harmonium, String and Wind instruments)
  3. Instrumental – Tabla
  4. Semi-Classical – This category includes Devotional and Semi-Classical songs. (Language no bar)

Age Categories: Participants should meet the age requirements on the date of registration; 31st October 2021.

  1. 10 and under
  2. 11- 14 years old
  3. 15-18 years old
  4. 19 years old and above.

  Rules and Regulations

  • The First round will be the qualifying round – Fees $25 non-refundable
  • The Final round registration fees (Upon selection)- $15 non-refundable
  • The participants can register for any/all categories
  • For the qualifying round, each participant is required to send a video link of their performance.
    •  For this round, the video length SHOULD NOT EXCEED 6 MINUTES  for age groups 10 and under and 11-14 years old.
    •  Age groups 15 above –  8 MINUTES
  • It is mandatory for the participants to use an electronic Tanpura (Machine/App), and Live/ Electronic Tabla. The use of live Harmonium accompaniment is NOT ALLOWED. Participants will be disqualified if these rules are not adhered to when preparing the video. 
  •  All videos should be submitted prior to the deadline via a YOUTUBE video link ONLY. Please ensure that the link is made private but unlisted so that judges are able to view the videos.  



Rules while recording the video:

  • The video should be exclusively made for Svara Yogita 2021. Already existing/modified videos will be disqualified. Please note that the video must be unedited. Your entry may get disqualified if there is a trace(s) of editing of the video.
  • The participants should state their name, age, Raag (classical), and the name of the competition- “Svara Yogita 2021 – Round 1”  prior to their performance. A video without this information will get disqualified. No other information like the name of Guru or school should be mentioned. If any such information is mentioned, the video will be disqualified.
  • The face of the participant, hands, and the instrument must be clearly visible in the video being sent for the qualifying round. There must be enough lighting and no background disturbance in the video.  
  • The YOUTUBE Link should be sent to, Confirmation of receipt will be sent by email. The Qualifying round videos should be received by NOVEMBER 7th 2021.
  • The participants will be evaluated on a predefined list of criteria, including Sur, Taal, Voice Quality, Complexity, and many others, by qualified judges.
  • The judges’ decision for this round will be final and cannot be contested.
  • Based on the total score assigned by the judges, we will announce the finalists. 
  • The list of participants selected for the final round will be sent by email to all participants and also posted on the Svara Sangam website on November 21st, 2021. 
  • For the final round, selected participants will have to pay the registration fee of  $15 by November 28th, 2021. Failing to comply, the participant will not be able to perform for the final round and will be replaced by the next participant on the waiting list. 
  • The final round will be held on zoom and shared on Facebook live on the weekend of December 11th and December 12th, 2021  
  • Same raag / bandish should not be repeated for the final round.
  • Detailed information regarding the rules for the final round to follow after the qualifying round results are declared. 

Payment and Results details:

  • The registration fee of $25 for the qualifying round, must be paid either by PayPal –  OR  Zelle: Please enter the Zelle / Paypal confirmation code while registering the participants.
  • The selected participants must pay the registration fee for the final round of  $15 by November 28th 2021. Failing to comply, the participant will not be able to perform for the final round and will be replaced by the next participant on the waiting list. 
  • Since it is a two-day competition, results will be declared on the second day -December 12th, 2021. However, it is a possibility for the results to get delayed due to unavoidable reasons
  • In each category with more than 10 finalists, the winners will be given cash prizes.
  • The prizes will be paid to them within one week of the announcement of the final results. We would request the winner’s (online transfer/ amazon gift card/or cheque)

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